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Matryx – Leaders in PSIM Security Solutions

Physical Security Information Management or PSIM is an information management software solution that integrates different types of data, security applications and devices, and controls them through one interface.

As highly regarded leaders in the Physical Security field, Matryx are recognized PSIM specialists helping businesses improve their efficiencies and effectiveness through data management and the ability to produce better situational awareness using PSIM. We are not aligned with any suppliers and we work with our clients the best outcome.


What is PSIM?

PSIM (P-SIM) is an acronym for Physical Security Information Management and brings together all your different building control systems into one centralised platform.


PSIM Consulting

Our PSIM Consulting service always begins with the end goal in mind. Once we establish your objectives, we develop the solutions and systems to deliver these results to you. More


PSIM Design

The selection and design process is the first step in any successful PSIM implementation. Not all PSIM products are the same and this is where our expertise comes in.


Project Management

Once the design is complete, we can continue in the role of project manager, coordinating third-party contractors and suppliers and ensuring systems and processes are deployed effectively.


Still unsure about how we can help?

A discovery session with Matryx Consulting will give you a better and deeper understanding of what your security needs are and answer all your questions. More